Member of Sopranos

Maureen works in the community with families and children. She heads the mothers’ union and teaches Sunday school at St Catherine’s church in New Cross.

Maureen came across the choir by chance. She was on her way to Lewisham shopping centre and saw a sign in a window.
“I just took the number down and went along, when I joined there were only two or three other people in the choir.”
“Dave just said ‘I’ve got some music if you want to sing’.”
The friendly atmosphere of Deptford Community Choir makes it special for Maureen who has been part of church and school choirs in the past.
“Singing in a group is very uplifting, the feeling of being together just raises your spirits, and from the first time you walk into a practice session everyone makes you feel welcome.”
“There’s no pressure to be there every single week, and the focus is on singing not sheet music or attendance.”
Maureen is a big fan of Bruno Mars, and loved singing one of his songs as part of the choir, but Thina Simunye is her current favourite.
“Thina Simunye is uplifting and spiritual with simple lyrics that say let’s come together and sing.”
“I didn’t know the history behind the song, but it felt very warm and everyone picked up on it really fast.”
As a regular church-goer, Maureen has discovered a spiritual dimension of singing together at Deptford Community Choir.
“I feel spiritual, as though the music has touched a nerve and I feel empowered to sing. I also love listening to the other singers when they sing solos. It takes a lot of courage to sing a solo!”
“I feel a long lost sense of community at Deptford Community Choir, and find it amazing it can create something like this.”

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