Choir Concept

Deptford Community choir is part of Soul Community, a network of projects to explore new ways of being community through partnership and collaboration. Community and singing together are the founding principles of Deptford Community Choir.

The social atmosphere of a pub creates an open community space and a relaxed and familiar environment for people to feel more comfortable singing in – especially at the beginning.

It can seem overwhelming at first to join a choir, but the focus on singing and self-expression rather than getting the songs or notes right every time, creates a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and friendship.

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Choir Background

Dave spent a year talking to and listening to people living in Deptford and Lewisham to find out what people were missing and what their community needed.

“I spoke to a lot of people in the area and from different backgrounds and I heard many stories about mental health and a loss of community spirit, and then someone suggested a choir, and that’s how we got started.”

When the choir first started out there were three founding members, and Dave was just going to conduct. But when the pianist had to leave, Dave took over that role too, and now he sings, plays the piano and conducts, sometimes all at once.

The first pub the choir sung in was the Standard on Tanners Hill in Deptford. It was the perfect location as there was enough space for singing, and working closely with the bar staff it fit Soul Community’s mission to connect with the community.

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