We want people to (as a result of choir), feel better, feel happier, stronger, more resilient and more connected to their community and to one another. Coming together, learning and sharing our highs and lows through singing has tremendous benefits for our whole wellbeing.

Our choir runs through term time, and we welcome new members 3 times a year. After the Christmas, Summer, and Easter Breaks

Whatever your reason for coming, you are welcome.

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Deptford Community Choir, in partnership with Jam Circus (formerly the Job Centre Pub) on Deptford High Street, creates a warm environment where everyone is welcome. We will strive to ensure the choir reflects the diversity of our community and be fully inclusive to anyone who would like to join us.

We hope that the choir represents everyone from all of London’s communities, and that it is a safe space for anyone of any sexual orientation, cultural or religious background, physical ability, or marginalised group.

We hope that people will feel encouraged to share with one another through whatever means, and where people feel empowered to make suggestions and decisions for the choir. Singing together creates a fun atmosphere, where we can laugh with one another, and where people can make new friends and learn from each other. Through the many benefits of singing together, comes depth and all the songs we sing (apart from the silly ones) will have some deeper meanings and stories that people will connect with naturally.

For some, choir will be simply a good time, for others it will be about connecting with new people and others may find Wednesday evenings a spiritual place where they connect and encounter bigger topics such as life, death, hope, faith and love. We go out of our way to ensure that people are comfortable and feel they are in a safe space to be themselves, and we are always on the lookout for local people who could take on leadership roles in the choir and the community it creates.

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