Tenor and member of lents

John has been making music in a un-tutored way since the 1970s – mainly in avant-garde ensembles and a rock band that is still going. He’s also an academic and is currently devising a new kind of art school that he calls ‘Art School Plus’.

John first heard about the choir from a friend in a pub, and although he felt a little nervous from previous singing experience, he loved the concept.
“I saw the idea of practice sessions taking place in a pub as a wonderful way of giving people a literal voice within their community.”
“I was really interested in the choir’s cultural approach to making music, professional standards are not that important to me when I play an instrument.”
John joined the Lents (Ladies & gents / tenor & base) and is glad to be learning to push his vocal range higher – thanks to Dave’s tuition and guidance.
“The people who sing solos are not just the experienced singers, Dave gives everyone a chance to sing and be heard.”
“Dave’s approach reminded me a bit of the Irish Pub music experience in which everyone is encouraged to contribute without being judged.
“There’s lots of encouragement from the community.”
John’s favourite song is You’re the Voice by John Farnham, and he loves how it raises self-esteem at the very personal level of one’s own voice, but also how this is what creates the voice of community.
“Dave picks songs with lyrics that resonate with individuals’ own experiences and their communities at the same time. This helps to create a social and democratic consciousness, in the choir and beyond.”

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